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Parent Tips: How to Break Barriers in Giving The Talk to Your Teen

As parents’ advocates in fighting Teen Substance Abuse in Los Angeles, we have grown to understand how emotionally distracting it is to find out that your adolescent is into substance abuse. While this can draw out different kinds of reactions from you, we encourage you to be in the perspective of a learner with the … Continue reading

Helping Parents Understand: Why Your Teenagers Experiment?

Is your adolescent experimenting with drug abuse? Are you suspecting that they are? Understanding what your teenager is really going through is your first step in giving them the help they need. Here are the common reasons that teens experiment with illegal drugs: Bored When your child is not being deeply interested in anything productive, … Continue reading

Getting the Professional Help You Need

When you are looking to end your dependency on drugs or other harmful substances, it can be difficult to find the professional help you need. Not because it is hard to find but because it can feel shameful. One of the biggest hurdles to overcome when looking for effective teen rehabilitation in Los Angeles, California … Continue reading

What Can You Do to Quit Smoking?

Smoking is something that many teenagers find themselves doing. It can be for a number of reasons but regardless of why you started, it is important to think about quitting. Smoking can cause a number of issues from minor health conditions such as bad breath and body odor to serious illnesses such as lung cancer. … Continue reading

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