Meth Addiction Rehab in Los Angeles


Teenagers aged 12-17 years old who are addicted to methamphetamine can benefit from the teen addiction treatment that we offer at our Teen Treatment Center in Los Angeles. Meth addicts usually suffer from malnutrition, paranoia, behavioral changes, and tooth loss, among others, as effects.

These teenagers often have different reasons why they become addicted to methamphetamine. Such reasons are what our professionals will try to discover and provide solutions to. Through counseling and group therapy, we promote communication and self-esteem by letting these teens know that someone listens to them and is ready to help them out.

Your parents can drop you off at our small, quiet, peaceful yet beautiful facility so we can start with your therapy. Your progress and recovery will definitely be our priority. Please call 888-294-0977 if you need further details about any of our programs for Teen Rehabilitation in Los Angeles, California.