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Drug Rehabilitation Professionals in Los Angeles

sober coaches

“Recovery is not simple abstinence. It’s about healing the brain, remembering how to feel, learning how to make good decisions, becoming the kind of person who can engage in healthy relationships, cultivating the willingness to accept help from others, daring to be honest, and opening up to doing.” – Debra Jay

Sober coaches from Teen Drug Addiction are experienced professionals in the field. They are trained, experienced, and qualified to handle teens between the ages of 12-17 who are suffering from drug addiction. Whether they are addicted to marijuana, opiates, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, or nicotine, our sober coaches have the knowledge and training required to handle their condition.

Our sober coaches will work with you and your fellow teens to help you stay sober for as long as possible. They will also help you avoid relapse. By working closely with each client, our sober coaches can provide individualized guidance and treatment that is unique to the situation of every client that we have. After all, we recognize that no two clients and situations are the same.

As a premier Southern California Teen Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Center, our sober coaches will make use of the latest advancements and techniques for teen addiction treatment. Our compassionate sober coaches make use of effective techniques to guide you in regaining control of your life. They will listen to you whenever you need someone to talk to, and even accompany you to places you want to go to. We are committed to doing everything that we can so you can stay clean and sober even after your treatment.

With the assistance and guidance of our sober coaches, you can go back to the society as a better and wiser person. Let us help you on your journey towards recovery and sobriety. Set an appointment now to meet with one of our sober coaches, or call us at 888-294-0977 to inquire about our services.