Drug Rehab Medications in California


We believe that recovering from drug addiction starts when you begin to acknowledge the need to seek help. Here at our Teen Treatment Center in Los Angeles, we serve as your guiding light in the time where your mind is clouded from making the right decision to attain sobriety. To help you out from the chronic substance abuse and relapsing drug addiction, you can work with our counselors. For some teens, there is the option of Medication-Assisted Treatment or MAT.

Under the supervision of the staff members from Teen Drug Addiction and with the parents’ consent, teens who have been addicted to drugs can go through the treatment program which will include a combination of behavioral therapy and medications.

Being a provider of Teen Rehabilitation in Los Angeles, California, Teen Drug Addiction has years of experience in treating teens with drug addiction. Our years of service have enabled us to gain the trust of different families. Our dedicated team of counselors makes sure that the customized programs are tailored to provide the help that teens need to get their lives back. Although recovery is a daunting task, we make sure to provide the appropriate medication-assisted treatment and to support solutions that will lead to positive outcomes. We also have wellness services that can complement your treatment so as to give you the best outcome while you stay in our facility.

It is not too late to change. Recovery starts in your desire to turn your life upside down and make sense of the positive things you. In your recovery, your close friends and families bring significant positive impact so you can rebuild your life once more even in the tender years of your teens. You can always have a shoulder to lean on even after you have finished the program. This will assure you of easily readjusting to society once you get out of the facility. Whether through behavioral therapy or medications, you can get the support that you need so you’ll never have to resort to abusing drugs and alcohol again.

For inquiries, please call 888-294-0977 so we can talk to you in details about the medication-assisted treatment at Teen Drug Addiction.