Inhalant Addiction Rehab in Los Angeles


Inhalants often come in the form of paints, aerosols, and solvents. These are chemicals that emit a strong, addicting smell without burning. Such smell often results in the teenager feeling “high” or look and act like they are drunk.

Being addicted to inhalants can lead to serious side effects with brain damage and death as the ultimate results. Teen Drug Addiction provides treatment for inhalant abuse to teenagers aged 12-17 years old. We encourage them to enter and live in our Southern California teen drug and alcohol rehab treatment Center where they will receive therapy. Such therapy, depending on the needs of the teen, may include individual counseling, group support, and relapse prevention program. Therapy programs at our Teen Treatment Center in Los Angeles aim to help these teens understand the effects of inhalant abuse and determine the underlying cause of such abuse.

We will work closely together with you in your recovery. Our small yet beautiful facility offers a safe, private, and calm environment for you to go through treatment. Your parents will be updated with your progress. For more information about Teen Rehabilitation in Los Angeles, California, please call us at 888-294-0977.