Nicotine Addiction Rehab in Los Angeles, California


There is an alarmingly high number of teenagers aged 12-17 years old who are becoming dependent on nicotine through smoking. Most of these teenagers learn how to smoke at an early age due to several reasons such as peer pressure and curiosity, among others. Most often than not, these reasons have underlying causes such as low self-esteem and the desire to be a part of the group. Our Teen Treatment Center in Los Angeles aims to help our residents let go of nicotine and embrace positive ways to deal with their emotions.

We help manage the withdrawal symptoms of nicotine dependence. We also conduct individual and group counseling, as well as treatments, within the privacy and safety of our facility. Our facility only houses six individuals at a time so you can be sure that the calm and beautiful environment is the perfect place for your recovery. At the same time, we also give peace of mind to your parents knowing that you get a personalized treatment with respect at our California teen drug addiction rehab treatment center.

We’d love to help you become independent from nicotine through Teen Rehabilitation in Los Angeles, California. Please talk to us at 888-294-0977 for more information about our services.