Synthetic Marijuana

Marijuana Addiction Rehab in Los Angeles


The synthetic marijuana is a man-made drug which has been modified chemically to mimic the effects of marijuana. In some cases, it can even be more potent. This drug has different packaging and names, depending on the seller selling it, making it difficult to track and stop. While it provides temporary effects of feeling high, altered perception of the reality or generally be in a good mood, addiction to synthetic marijuana can result in paranoia, confusion, increased heart rate, hallucinations, kidney damage, and even heart attack.

Our Teen Treatment Center in Los Angeles encourages teenage addicts aged 12-17 years old to take advantage of our teen addiction treatment programs. We welcome six residents at a time in our facility where they will undergo therapy and counseling. We hope to make them have a greater understanding of the situation and how to avoid relapse.

Our facility in Southern California offers a nice view and calm environment. It is a perfect place where you can safely and privately recover. Your parents are also welcome to check your progress with Teen Rehabilitation in Los Angeles, California. We are more than ready to listen to you and guide you during your therapy. Please call 888-294-0977 to know more about our program.