How Being Sober Is so Much Better

Sober Teen Rehab in Los Angeles, California

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The likelihood for people to begin abusing drugs and alcohol during their adolescent years is very high. Research has shown that by the time teens reach their senior year of high school, 70% will have tried alcohol and half will have taken an illegal drug. Furthermore, more than 20% will have used a non-prescription drug for non-medical reasons and 40% will have already smoked a cigarette.

Factors such as the availability and accessibility of drugs and alcohol in the immediate area of teens and peer pressure are huge influences on an adolescent’s decision on whether they will take substances or not. However, rehabilitation efforts from the government have been implemented and almost every state has a rehabilitation center of their own so it is no question that sobering up IS a possible reality and that a vast majority of Americans support rehabilitation.

When adolescent substance abusers see this level of support that is geared towards their rehabilitation into society and overall wellness, they are more likely to believe that there is hope for them and that getting treatment is just what they need.

To elaborate, here are the reasons why being sober is beneficial:


Sober teens are able to connect to family and friends better because the substances don’t end up damaging parts of their brain. They have healthier interpersonal relationships, as well as compared to the substance abusers. Additionally, they may also have a better relationship with themselves as there is more space in the mind to understand the self better. Essentially, being sober helps improve connection with others and with oneself.

Fewer toxins in the body

When the human body starts to sober up, the body begins to detoxify. This is how it cleanses itself. The chemicals in the body from the substances begin to find a way out of the body. For adolescents, this is especially beneficial because it is vital for them to live their younger years as healthy as possible and to lessen the probability of illnesses when they get older.

Better sleep and more energy

Without substance disrupting bodily functions such as sleep, one has more energy in the day and is able to be more productive. There are certain chemicals from both alcohol and drugs that interfere with normal bodily functions, but with the absence of these substances, the person is able to have a good sleep and so a lot more energy is stored.

Mental clarity

Sobriety helps the person focus better on day-to-day tasks. A lot of substances affect brain function and certain parts of the brain, causing the individual to have a shorter attention span or lose focus or even acquire brain disorders. Mental clarity is valuable in order for the person to be at his/her best in a day so that, at the end of the day, his/her mind is not drained and it has the time to rest.

There are more reasons that express how being sober is much better for a person. Some reasons can be more specific than others. At Teen Drug Addiction, our goal is to show teens these various benefits of sobriety so that they too may choose to be rehabilitated and restored once again in society. You may contact us at 888-294-0977, or e-mail us at [email protected].