Signs That Your Teenage Kid Is Doing Prohibited Drugs

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Your kids are precious to you. You spend years and resources making sure that they have everything they need and that they grow up to be well-rounded adults. It is important for you to see them succeed because you know you did well in raising them and that they will be secure in life when you passed on to the next.

But this process is not without challenges. For some parents, the most challenging times in raising kids are in their pre-teen years where they are still learning about the world. For many, however, the great challenge is in raising a teenager. This is when teenagers have the tendency to engage in risky behaviors and allow instinct to override reason, things that are a cause of worry for parents.

One source of risky behavior that teenagers engage in is the intake of prohibited drugs. The sources of these drugs are available to some teenagers, as long as they know where to find them and they have the resources to purchase them.

As such, it will be important to know the tell-tale signs that your teenager is engaging in prohibited drugs. Note that these signs and physical manifestations depend on the drug being used. Here are a few:


This is fairly common sense but some drugs are harder to identify than others, especially if they come in the form of pills that imitate the form and shape of some prescription drugs. Make sure that you check the label on the pills.

Syringes and burnt teaspoons

The paraphernalia used for drug intake can vary, but two of the most common are syringes and burnt teaspoons. If you find any of these in the vicinity of your children’s most frequent places, it may be time to confront them.

Academic consequences

Doing drugs will definitely take a toll on your teenagers’ academic progress. It may be hard to identify at first, especially if your children are exceptionally intelligent but, as time progresses, even the most intelligent person cannot escape the effects of a drug. If you notice a rapid drop in your children’s grade, this may be more than just lack of focus or motivation.

Glazed expression

Having a ‘glazed’ expression, meaning that a person’s eyes look glassy and they constantly stare out into nothing can be an indicator of drug use. However, it will be difficult to identify but if this sign is accompanied with other signs, it will be much easier.

Rapid weight change

The effects of some drugs include the lack of appetite for food. This can lead to a dramatic weight loss, especially if your children are still growing. If you notice this change, it may be best to ask your children if they know what could be the reason behind it.

There are plenty more signs that parents can use to identify if their children are abusing drugs. It helps to know where to ask as well. Teen Drug Addiction is capable of providing you with this information. We can be contacted through the number 888-294-0977, or through e-mail at [email protected].