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What Can You Do to Overcome Peer Pressure?

We all want to find a group of people whom we can fit in with, a group of people who accepts us for who we are. However, sometimes, we find the wrong group of people to be around. These people can pressure you to do all sorts of dangerous and even harmful things, such as … Continue reading

Overcoming Substance Abuse: There Is Always Hope

We all know that substance abuse is dangerous but many of us still continue doing it. This could be to fit in, to escape reality and its problems, or to simply feel better. However, abusing drugs and other harmful substances are not the solution and it will only make problems worse. Drugs not only destroy … Continue reading

What Parents Need to Learn About Substance-Abusing Teenagers

One of the worst things a parent could ever find out is that his or her teen is abusing substances. You fear for whatever might happen to them and this feeling is made even worse when you don’t have any idea about their problems. As a parent, you are consumed with guilt because of the … Continue reading