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Helping Parents Understand: Why Your Teenagers Experiment?

Is your adolescent experimenting with drug abuse? Are you suspecting that they are? Understanding what your teenager is really going through is your first step in giving them the help they need. Here are the common reasons that teens experiment with illegal drugs: Bored When your child is not being deeply interested in anything productive, … Continue reading

What Can You Do to Quit Smoking?

Smoking is something that many teenagers find themselves doing. It can be for a number of reasons but regardless of why you started, it is important to think about quitting. Smoking can cause a number of issues from minor health conditions such as bad breath and body odor to serious illnesses such as lung cancer. … Continue reading

Your Temporary Relief May Damage You Permanently—Quit Smoking!

If you are addicted to smoking packs of cigarettes every day, you probably have been told countless times by your loved ones and friends to quit smoking. You can understand how they feel about it because they care about you; however, your smoking often relieves you from stress that your loved ones’ feelings will not … Continue reading

There Is No Saving Them? Debunk This Myth!

Sometimes, addiction starts from innocent experimentation. Teenagers sometimes tend to be more curious than they should be, and the next thing they know, their inquisitive experimenting becomes a terrible addiction. They will find it difficult to stop. Whenever they do attempt to do so, they fall apart and yield back to their cravings. Aside from … Continue reading