Your Temporary Relief May Damage You Permanently—Quit Smoking!

Your Temporary Relief May Damage You Permanently—Quit Smoking!

If you are addicted to smoking packs of cigarettes every day, you probably have been told countless times by your loved ones and friends to quit smoking. You can understand how they feel about it because they care about you; however, your smoking often relieves you from stress that your loved ones’ feelings will not be enough to get you to quit.

You may have said to them that you intend to quit smoking. You also may have attempted to stop the bad habit because you are concerned about your health, but some situations in your life trigger you to relapse such as stress.

The most common cause of relapse is stress. You may be stressed out with your schoolwork’s or part-time job’s pressure. You may feel stressed out with your special someone, especially when you get into fights. There are so many circumstances that increase your stress levels, making you want to find temporary relief.

Although smoking can give you a temporary stress relief, it is not worth it. The long-term effect of smoking is way too hazardous for your health. If you feel stressed out, there are other ways to relieve it so that you will not have to find comfort in smoking.

Here are a few suggestions from our Teen Treatment Center in Los Angeles to reduce your stress levels:

  • Exercise Regularly

    Your mental health can benefit from exercising. Exercising can help improve your mood and give you quality sleep. Your blood circulation enhances when your body is active, giving enough oxygen to your cells that prevent you from feeling tired easily.

  • Use a Sauna

    Sauna helps reduce stress levels and blood pressure risks. It eases muscle tensions, giving you a nice relaxation after a long day. It also sweats out toxins, including nicotine, from your body. Consider using a sauna for a few minutes. You will be surprised how relaxing it can be!

  • Eat Healthy Food

    When you eat the right kind of diet, not only you will maintain a healthy weight, it will also have a positive impact on your mental health. It provides nutrients that help combat stress and depression.

Teen Drug Addiction conducts teen rehabilitation in Los Angeles, California to help the younger generation live a healthy and promising life. There will always be something that can bring their stress levels off the charts, tempting them to smoke or do other unhealthy activities for temporary relief. We aim to counter that by providing them advice on how to manage stress.

We have already seen how teen substance abuse in Los Angeles impacts the health of these poor teenagers. We want to show them that there is a way to live their life without the influence of addiction. Schedule an appointment now and utilize our counseling services. You can call us at 888-294-0977.

If you know families or friends who need counseling, please share this blog with them. We are happy to be of service!


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