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Helpful Tips in Overcoming Drug Addiction

Chemical abuse contributes to different alterations in the brain and causes health complications to the body. Sobriety may be an impossible goal but with the help of a mental therapist, right treatment and support, overcoming drug dependency is doable. For a start, here’s how you can do it: Build healthy relationships Being chemical-dependent is equally the … Continue reading

The Stages of Addiction Recovery

Addiction is not the end. At Teen Drug Addiction Rehab Treatment Center, we help you and your loved ones recover from substance abuse. There are many drug rehab centers in Los Angeles but with us, we focus more on the patient’s journey. The road to recovery begins with an acknowledgment that you need intervention. Members of the family and … Continue reading

Trust: Why It Matters for Both Parent and Child

Trust is a building block in any relationship, including between a parent and a child. Parents are used to protecting their children and making decisions on their behalf. But, as they age and have the experience, a child becomes more knowledgeable to decide for its own. When a family needs support to nurture change and … Continue reading