5 Important Things You Need to Know About Teenage Drug Addiction

5 Important Things You Need to Know About Teenage Drug Addiction
We hear news reports all over of drug addiction claiming the lives of individuals around the world. It’s horrible to think that such occurrences have become normal these days. But that’s what drugs do, they infect; from one person to another; all it takes is one whiff to spark the wildfire that is substance abuse.

When you’re so dependent on a chemical, it consumes you in every way. You can’t eat, you can’t sleep, you can’t drink, and you go crazy if you don’t get a whiff; a hit of its deceiving goodness. It’s the devil on earth, drug addiction; it gives you taste of the most beautiful high, only to push you off the cliff to your death.

It’s been ingrained in some people to frown upon drug addicts and it’s quite understandable when you think about all the evil things they have done under the influence. Teenagers, in particular, fall prey to substance abuse; and it’s probably because this phase in a person’s life is when he’ll try anything; it’s when he typically isn’t mature enough to know better; a vulnerable phase wherein he could easily be consumed by addiction.

The following section in this article will discuss five (5) basic things about teenage substance abuse that you need to know about.

  1. Drug addiction is a disease. Contrary to what some people think, substance abuse is more about a drug’s hold on the person than the other way around. It’s a mental illness that consumes your mind and body, leading you to only have the desire to accomplish two things in life: using drugs and finding ways to get the next hit.

  2. Drug addiction typically starts with one innocent taste. Like Eve in the garden, being tempted by the serpent to take a bite of the apple, a person who is using could lure you into getting a whiff of cocaine, heroin, or methamphetamine. Teenagers, with their desire to fit in and be liked, usually fall victim to this pull.

  3. Drug addiction ruins lives. Drug addicts live for the next hit. They ignore everything, their friends, families, school, career, work, and everything else. For them, life basically becomes a cycle of using and finding ways to be able to use again. It’s an absolute horror for family members to witness and experience.

  4. Drug addiction can set you on a path to destruction. Substance abuse has disruptive side effects. It fuels anger, hate, and greed. It pushes a person to do things he wouldn’t normally do just to get a whiff of an addictive substance. It’s a one-way ticket to hell on earth, and when ignored, the afterlife.

  5. One cannot recover from drug addiction by himself. Drug addiction can take hold of you; it can take root in your life and never let you go. You need a steady and determined support system to get through it; it doesn’t necessarily need to be all your family and friends, but a select few who genuinely want to see you get better.

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