Parents’ Guide: The Challenges of Recovering Addicts

Parents’ Guide: The Challenges of Recovering Addicts

For every parent whose teenage child has been addicted to drugs, nothing is sweeter than their intention to recover. As a center for teen drug addiction treatment in Los Angeles, we say that victory begins in this declaration.

Yet, the complete recovery from drug addiction faces different challenges. In this post, let us help you cope with these challenges.

  • Finding a New Lifestyle
    The teenager bound to addiction has been living in that kind of lifestyle for most of their addiction years. So when they are on the way to recovery, it will be challenging to look for another kind of life that they should begin pursuing. Thankfully, cognitive behavior therapy in Los Angeles can help your teenager set out for this new lifestyle.
  • Facing the Stigma of Addiction
    It is also undeniable that teenagers face the stigma and shame of having been addicted. This can affect their self-confidence as they work their way to recovery. Parents need to realize that this stigma can trigger tendencies of relapse. Aside from supporting your child with compassion, cooperate closely with their sober counselors so they can recover completely.
  • Relapse
    This is the part when the teenager with addiction feels the urges or cravings to the substance they were once addicted to. Like the previous item, this urge can be triggered by many factors including their emotional lows. Ensure that your child knows they are surrounded with a loving and strong support system so relapse can be prevented.
  • Transitioning Back Home
    Your teenager may also struggle with adjusting back to their new life with you and the family. This struggle is common for people who have just left a center for teen rehabilitation in Los Angeles, California. If you find that it’s ideal for your teenager to stay in a transition home before finally going back to you, be open with this option.

At Teen Drug Addiction, we understand your struggles in coping with your teenage child’s recovery. However, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

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