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Understanding Chemical Dependency

Cognitive behavioral therapy exercises encompass a holistic approach to understand mental health that can be traced back to the child’s history.   As a parent, you look after the welfare of your child. However, your child might exhibit certain behaviors or do things that potentially damages their well-being. This specifically hurts the parent who only wants … Continue reading

Trust: Why It Matters for Both Parent and Child

Trust is a building block in any relationship, including between a parent and a child. Parents are used to protecting their children and making decisions on their behalf. But, as they age and have the experience, a child becomes more knowledgeable to decide for its own. When a family needs support to nurture change and … Continue reading

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Signs that an Adolescent is Using Drugs

Are you concerned that your adolescent might be using illegal drugs? Teen Drug Addiction, one of the many drug rehab facilities for teens in Los Angeles, has listed the most common signs that you can check to determine if your teen is using or abusing drugs. Sudden Mood and Behavioral Changes Teens who use drugs … Continue reading

How to Help Teenagers Avoid Drug Use

At least 50% of high school seniors have tried an illegal drug, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). This just basically means that these teens are now exposed to the many potential health issues brought by this substance. As a parent or legal guardian, it is your responsibility to ensure that your … Continue reading