Signs that an Adolescent is Using Drugs

Signs that an Adolescent is Using Drugs

Are you concerned that your adolescent might be using illegal drugs? Teen Drug Addiction, one of the many drug rehab facilities for teens in Los Angeles, has listed the most common signs that you can check to determine if your teen is using or abusing drugs.

  • Sudden Mood and Behavioral Changes
    Teens who use drugs tend to display unusually clumsy behavior. If you have a hunch that your teen is on drugs, be on the lookout for behaviors such as obnoxious laughing and rebellious conduct. In addition, when you notice changes in their common habits and they become sluggish and are having jitters, consider visiting a clinic.
  • Deteriorating Health and Physical Appearance
    One clear sign that a person is using drugs is when his or her health takes a downturn. A few changes that may be related to drug use or abuse are bloodshot eyes, dilated pupils, bloody or runny nose, abrasions, scruffy appearance, lethargy, and headaches.
  • Have They Become Secretive?
    Teens who are on drugs become deceitful. When your teen becomes strangely overprotective of his belongings, it’s time you pay a closer look. Usually, teens on drugs disappear for long periods without asking permission, avoid eye contact, or lock their room for no reason.
  • Your Teen Has New Peers
    Some substance abuse treatment centers recorded that most drug abuse cases were caused by peer pressure. So, upon noticing that your teen has a new set of friends, don’t hesitate to ask him or her about the new peers. Try to assess whether or not they have a good influence on your teenager.

As a parent or guardian, you want your kid to stay on the right track. However, when your adolescent has already crossed the line to substance addiction, it’s best to seek professional help from a drug treatment facility.

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