Effects of Drugs on Mental Health of Teenagers

Effects of Drugs on Mental Health of Teenagers

Teenagers with extreme emotional problems usually tend to turn to alcohol and drugs to drown out the pain. But, these substances bring more harm than good.

Because their brains are still developing, they get used to drugs more easily. As an effect, there is a higher chance they show unusual energy levels and aggressiveness with a higher tendency to engage in riskier behaviors.

Although they can seek help from a drug rehabilitation center like the Teen Drug Addiction, one of the premier drug and alcohol treatment centers, it is still best to veer away from drugs to avoid the following mental health disorders.

  • Anxiety Disorder
    Drugs and alcohol may relieve the feeling of despair. But over time, there will be greater periods of panic attacks that can result in severe trembling, sweating, shortness of breath, and hallucination. Your best hope of successfully winning against these is asking help from drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers.
  • Mood Disorder
    The feeling of bliss drugs bring is nothing but delusion. Truth is, as time goes by, your mental capacity will be compromised and you may display restlessness, irritability, manic-elevated mood, impulsive behaviors, and sudden outbursts. These behaviors can be corrected through mental health treatment centers.
  • Depression
    Drugs let your brain overproduce serotonin, a chemical responsible for your mood, which lets you feel a higher level of euphoria. Due to its overproduction, the number of chemical drops that ultimately leads to depression. The best way to cure this is through mental health treatment centers.

The programs from our drug rehabilitation center can help reform these behaviors for you to break away from the chains of drug addiction and live a life that’s real and free of momentary ecstasy.

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