How Drug Addiction Can Change the Original You


A constant use or abuse of drugs can easily lead to drug addiction. Abusers tend to experience an increasing desire to get and use increasing amounts of his drug. Drug abuse impacts the user’s mind and body as well as the people around them. Teen Drug Addiction wants to raise awareness of the effects of addiction on the life of the sufferer. These include the following:

  • Physical Health Effects

    Those who are addicted to drugs are unlikely to realize they have an issue until they notice or experience the physical effects of their condition. Although the physical effects vary depending on what substance is used, teen substance abuse in Los Angeles has negative effects on the health. These include abnormal heart rate, dry skin, chest pain, poor sleep, impotence, nausea and many more.

  • Psychological Effects

    Drugs can change how a person perceives the world. Using them affects how they think, what they say and what they do. Drug addiction can change how they experience pleasure. They experience a shift in their mental focus. Quitting would not be easy and painful withdrawal usually comes in when the users cannot take the drug. Their life will be centered on getting the drug, getting money for the drug, and using the drug. Also, they will experience changes in moods. Anxiety is also common in those who have developed an addiction to a drug as they think about when they could take the drug again. This anxiety can easily lead to depression and other mental health issues, warranting the need for teen rehabilitation in Los Angeles, California.

  • Other Effects on Health

    Drug abusers who share syringes and needles while using cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, and steroids are at risk of hepatitis B and C and HIV. While under the influence of drugs, a person can practice risky sexual behaviors which increase their risk of getting sexually-transmitted diseases. Other health problems that result from drug abuse include organ damage, heart and joint infections as well as collapsed veins.

  • Lifestyle Effects

    As drug addicts prioritize drugs over anything and anyone else such as their family and friends, they are likely to lose connections and friendships. They will withdraw themselves from the crowd and live a life centered on what they are addicted to. They are unlikely to care about their performance in school or work getting into troubles. These people might stop taking part in sports and other activities they used to enjoy. For them, their pleasure depends on their drug intake.

    If you are currently struggling with a drug addiction, get help now before your condition gets worse. Drug addiction is not the end of the world for you. Our teen treatment center in Los Angeles can provide you with the right treatment option that suits your specific condition. Give us a call today or visit our website and take the first step to overcome your addiction and all the effects you are experiencing.

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