How to Prevent a Teen from Suffering from Drug Abuse

How to Prevent a Teen from Suffering from Drug Abuse

Teens are easily tempted to try out drugs. As parents, it is heartbreaking to see your child suffer from mental health disorders caused by drug abuse. Seeing your teen undergo treatment for mental health disorders when they originally shouldn’t have to can be harrowing for parents.

  • Why Do Teens Use or Abuse Drugs?

    Various factors are at play for teens to turn to drugs to the point that they need teen rehabilitation in Los Angeles, California. There are common risks factors that may have contributed to it. These may include:

    • Family history of drug abuse
    • Mental disorders or behavioral health conditions such as ADHD, anxiety, or depression
    • Impulsive behavior
    • History of traumatic events
    • Feelings of social rejection
    • Low self-esteem
  • The Consequences

    With excessive use of drugs comes negative consequences too severe that one may require teen drug addiction treatment in Los Angeles. Here are some of the consequences a teen may suffer from:

    • Impaired driving
    • A decline in academic performance
    • High-risk sexual activity, including unplanned pregnancy and unsafe sex
    • Poor judgment in personal and social interactions
    • Increased risk of drug dependence as an adult
    • Development of complications in one’s mental health
  • How to Prevent the Consequences

    Fighting teen drug addiction doesn’t only refer to reactive strategies such as letting them go for cognitive behavior therapy in Los Angeles. You may also use preventive strategies to nip the problem in the bud.

    Some preventive strategies that you can use include:

    • Establish family rules and enforce consequences, especially with regards to drug use.
    • Get to know your teen’s friends.
    • Offer praise and encouragement to help boost your teen’s self-esteem.
    • Establish a strong bond with your teen.
    • Be a good role model.

Preventive strategies can help stop teens from using drugs while going for mental health treatment helps treat teens suffering from drug abuse problems. Teen Drug Addiction can provide support for both teens and their family members during this critical period. Send us a message so we’ll know how we can help you.

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