Teenage Drug Addiction and Its Effects on Health

Peer pressure is just one of the many things that push a teenager toward drug use. You’ll be forced to this activity to fit. However, drug abuse during your teenage years will severely impact your brain development and mental disorders.

  • How Drug Abuse Affects Your Life

    Drug abuse is detrimental to your brain and may lead to mental health disorders. During your teenage years, the brain is still in the process of developing healthy cognitive functions. Drug abuse can affect your life in the following ways:

    • It interferes with the neurotransmitters within the brain.
    • It creates short-term and long-term memory problems.
    • It prevents the development of your perceptual abilities.
    • It ingrains the cravings of unhealthy habits into your brain.

    As soon as you notice your drug abuse problems, it is advisable to go for cognitive behavior therapy in Los Angeles.

  • How to Know If You Have Drug Abuse Problems

    Teens have difficulty noticing that they’re already suffering from drug abuse problems to the point they need mental health treatment. The symptoms, such as irritability and mood swings, are oftentimes brushed off as normal teenage behaviors. To determine if you require teen drug addiction treatment in Los Angeles now, ask yourself these things first:

    • Do you use drugs to feel good or fit in with your peers?
    • When using drugs, do you often black out and unable to remember things upon sobering up?
    • Do you use drugs even on your own?
    • Did your friends or family members notice your excessive drug use and told you off for it?
    • Have you ever gotten into trouble because of drug use?

    If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, then intervention may be necessary. You need to go for teen rehabilitation in Los Angeles, California.

Don’t fall deeper into drug abuse. As soon as you notice something wrong, seek treatment for mental health disorders or go for rehabilitation. Teen Drug Addiction knows that it isn’t too late as long as you ask for help. Just give us a call so we can lend our assistance.

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