The Don’ts When Talking to Substance-Dependent Teens

The Don’ts When Talking to Substance-Dependent Teens

The effects of drugs on teens are innumerable and can put their health at risk. Additionally, drug use can also negatively impact their development. That’s why it’s important to talk to teens about the grave consequences of substance dependency. However, there are things that you must never do to avoid unfavorable consequences when talking to a teenager who is a victim of substance abuse. We at Teen Drug Addiction, a teen drug rehab Los Angeles, listed three of them.

  1. Threatening or Moralizing Them
    Avoid lecturing a teen however deplorable drug use is. Councilors at any teen drug treatment center agree to this because preaching or lecturing a teen about it make them more rebellious. Instead, listen to their opinion and how they feel and the reason behind their actions. Doing so will help them open up to you more easily.
  2. Making Them Feel Guilty
    While teen substance abuse can be frustrating, channeling your frustration and anger to any adolescent dependent on drugs will not help your attempt to make things right. This can only invoke shame that can result in them becoming more secretive and it can increase their compulsion to use drugs more.
  3. Arguing with Them
    Starting an argument is the last thing you should do when trying to bring up drug addiction. Strive to discuss the subject in a manner where you can cultivate a healthy communication so that your teen respond sensibly.

It’s never too late or too soon to talk to a teen about drug addiction. What’s important is you start a healthy conversation so that, when necessary, you can enroll them in a facility that provides rehabilitation for teens.

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